Healthcare Collection: Important Things to Know

Healthcare collection requires extreme caution and care when it is produced. It is one of the fragile columns of the textile industry. Each and every product requires a whole lot of attention while crafting, designing, threading and producing it. It’s pretty obvious that why so much care is required for the production of healthcare collection:img_3899

  • Because of Hygiene
  • Because of intensive Patient Care
  • Because of Health

Hospitals and clinics are the major consumers of the healthcare collection. Besides, the out-care patients even utilize the healthcare textile collections.

Medical and Healthcare Textile Sector:

There is a vital relation between the medical and healthcare textile collection. Since the introduction of hospital services to the world, the healthcare textiles are in use. Though in the past, there wasn’t any formal configuration of this sector of textile. But with the passage of time and increase in demand, a separate sector for healthcare textile is formed.

This sector, healthcare textile, has certainly been created because of the increase in the product range of the sector. In this sector, you will find products like:

  • Waiting Room Seating
  • Tandem Seating
  • Patient Chair
  • Recliners
  • Bed Linens
  • Healthcare towels
  • Hospital blankets
  • Clinical Apparels

International Standards:

There are a number of guiding principles to test the quality of the healthcare textile collection. All are based on the concepts of hygiene, reusability and patient safety. While following those standards, the textile companies have enabled themselves to crave good looking designs and colors in the healthcare products. The international standards mainly involve:img_3902

  • Minimum Microbiological Performance
  • Free from Blood borne Pathogens Exposure
  • Hygiene

On the basis of these standards, the healthcare textile collection is qualified as “usable”.

Healthcare Textile Providers:

There are number of companies that are providing healthcare textile collections. Every company is operating with certain specialties. Some are producing bed linens for hospital beds, some are working on the seat covers for the chairs, sofas and seats in the hospital. Some specialize in the production of faculty wearable while some other have knowledge and skill about patient apparels.

Among the bedding and bath collection products for the healthcare, we find the Home and Hotel Textiles. It is one of the fine textile companies that are providing with the best and attractive products for home, hotel, cruise and healthcare.

Home and Hotel Textiles:

Home and Hotel Textiles specializes the products for Home, Hotels and Hospitals. This company is operating from Pakistan and is providing its products to a number of clients around the globe. Specifically speaking about the healthcare products, this company has a long experience of producing such collection.

Mainly they produce the bedding collection and the bath collection for the hospitals and clinics. Their products include:

  • Bed Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Bed Coverslinen

Their products bear attractive designs and have beautiful colors on them. Beside their personal designs, they even craft the customary designs. Their products are quite economical in price and have good quality.

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